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Read What Our Affiliates and Partners Are Saying on Prime Partners

We can discuss our affiliate program's strengths in length, however, sometimes the best feedback comes from our partners.

""The top converting brands always with Prime gaming. We are happy to work with them and recommend them. Players inlove in they brands, the live promotions and the best bonuses. Looking forward to set more new project with them!""

"The Prime Partner program was an obvious choice for us at New Casinos. We strive to list only the best new casinos and it seems we succeeded - our players love ICE36!"

"Giving our players the greatest new casino sites without compromise, that's our motto at Best Casino Sites UK. Prime partners most certainly deliver on that promise and recommend everyone to try them out. "

"New Casino Sites UK takes pride in delivering the best online casino listing in the UK. Prime Partner is one of our long-term partners and we can see nothing but great things ahead. Strongly recommended in all aspects of an affiliate partner. "

"Powerful brands and the conversions that come with it. New Online Casinos UK strive to always keep a fresh listing of the best casino sites in the UK and the Prime Partners brands are of course right up there in the very top. "

""For Scandinavian market, you have always so many partners to choose from, but PrimePartners is definitely a partner to work with! Great brands and even better affiliate team!""

""We've been delighted to work with PrimePartners brands for a couple of years now. Super affiliate management support and flexible commission model. !""

""We’ve love working with PrimePartners. Good converting brands, on-time payments, professional team. Highly recommended" "

"Prime Partners is an established partner program that offers appealing and versatile brands. They have great support and we are really happy to work with our manager Amir who is always eager to help out. We can definitely recommend them to both new and seasoned affiliates."

"Prime Partners has an excellent reputation, therefore we are very excited to start our collaboration, and to bring great entertainment and valuable gaming experience to our clients. We hope to create a sustainable, long term partnership since the brands are top tier and the Prime Partners team is very supportive."

"Prime Partners have been in business for a very long time. With that comes large expertise and affiliate managers with a lot of knowledge of the casino industry. At Casinoseal we really like the Canadian offers and the way Prime Partners work with retention. We are happy to continue the co-operation in other GEOs as well as in North America."

"We are very happy with the partnership with PrimePartners. It is a great affiliate program and the team are very professional and reliable. We really enjoy working with PrimePartners and look forward to working for many more years."

"We’ve been working with PrimePartners Affiliate for some time now and couldn’t be happier with the way they work and the success they have brought us. If you are looking for incredibly responsible, supportive and reliable partner, you will never regret. Great conversion, Helpful support."

"Prime partners are just what you'd expect from the representatives of a quality casino brand. they are a pleasure to work with and we're excited to see what the future will bring to our partnership."

"We have been working with Prime Partners for a number of years now and the service has always been great, especially from Amir. We highly recommend any affiliate to start working Prime Partners if they are looking for quality service and brands! "

""We are very pleased to work with Prime Gaming. Affiliate team is helpful, easy to talk to, and give you everything you needed to get started right away. Highly recommended!""

"Mega Casino is really a cut above so we are happy to be able to say that the affiliate team are of the same caliber. Swift, smooth and communicative, they come highly recommended."

"PrimePartners is a reliable and stable partner. Always stable payments, good conversions, high-quality and fast support. We recommend."

"We consider Primepartners a valued casino partner. They have converting brands and our relationship with them have been smooth since the beginning"

"We’ve enjoyed working with Primepartners. A strong partner in the igaming industry!"

""The Prime brands in general and Mega Casino in particular are some of the top performers across all markets. We enjoy the co-operation from the team and their great products.""

""If your looking for a honest and reputable affiliate program then look no further than Prime Partners. Online Casino Reviewz is pleased to be working with them. Amir our AM is great and always willing to help and suggest new ideas." "

"We highly recommend working with Prime gaming. Very important aspect for us is to be able to contact our partners whenever needed and Prime gaming enables that for us."

"From the start, Prime gaming been great partners we enjoy their service level and spectacular offers. We are looking forward to keeping promoting their brand and deepen our corporation. "

"Prime gaming has good conversion and high player value and they are the most professional brand in the industry. It’s our privilege to work with them."

"Prime gaming has a great affiliate program with amazing conversion and best deals. They reply quickly, and the payments are always on time. Also, the wide range of games and the promotions are very attractive for our players. "

"I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Prime gaming. The affiliate manger is very friendly, fast, helpful and professional. One of the fairest affiliate programs around"

"We're lucky to be partnered with Prime gaming. When we needed something, we were assisted immediately by our account manager. Their business conditions and policies are extremely fair, and their payments are always on time. "

"There’s no question that Prime gaming partners are one of the best. The player conversions and player value are above average, payments on time and no hidden fees. Definitely recommend them! "

"We’re big fans of Prime gaming! It seems to be a brand, that users enjoy using. Great conversion, helpful support, and fantastic bonuses. We wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend this program other affiliates. "

"The results with Prime gaming are amazing. We are happy to work with them and recommend them. Players love their brands, the ongoing promotions and the fabulous bonuses. Here’s to many more years working together!"

"We pleased with the collaboration with Prime gaming. They have a great support, affiliate program that simply works and players seem to really enjoy their bonuses. I'm glad to say that they've become one of our most trusted long-term partners."

"NeueCasinoSeiten users have probably already heard of the top-notch brands that Prime Partners provides. Ever since partnering with them, we’ve seen a surge of renewed enthusiasm from our players that we could hardly have dreamed of! "

""By partnering with Prime Partners we hope to provide a broad range of new and exciting casino games to the Canadian market. Our experience in dealing with the team at Prime Partners has been positive and Critiquesdecasino.com look forward to continuing that relationship going forward.""

"The Big Free Chip List has been working with Prime Partners for years and we can only hope that our collaboration will be as rewarding as it was until now. With their profoundly understanding of the business, they provide high rise conversion, good player retention and, on top of that, their team is genuinely helpful and fast responding. Amir is a pleasure to work with and we're thrilled to have them as our partners. Highly recommended!"

""Prime Partners really are a pleasure to work with, they are helpful, flexible and receptive to our suggestions. This is partly down to their fantastic range of casinos, but also due to the affiliate managers approach. Amir is very good at what he does, we are lucky to work with him and the whole Prime team.""
Little Star Media

"If there should be one partner to make a start for your affiliate business, we’d say make it PrimeGaming. Solid brands that convert without much effort, the possibility to customize offers and deals, and the partner support are unmatched in the industry."

"Out of all the affiliate programs we have joined in the past, PrimeGaming stand out as one of the most genuine out there. There were no ‘too good to be true’ deals to lure us in, just honesty and good results from the beginning. We’re thoroughly impressed with how PrimeGaming conduct themselves – top professionals!"

"PrimeGaming is a great example of how an affiliate program should be run – efficiently, productively and profitably. Our results from working with these guys have been stunning and we hope that our partnership continues for many more years."

"In a short space of time, Prime Partners has become one of our top performing affiliate programs. They have an excellent management team and dedicated affiliate managers that we have found to be very easy to work with. Importantly, the team are backed up by some excellent casinos - we have seen good conversion rates and player retention"
Penny Slot Machines

"We have worked with Prime Partners since 2013 and we haven’t regret that at all! We have during the whole period, had a good personal contact with their managers, which we feel has been a main factor for constantly improving the monthly commission. Payments are always on time every month, and we have never expired any problems with leads or payment. We can highly recommend this affiliate partner to other affiliates."

"PrimePartners have a really helpful staff and great casino brands. This is a must partner for every UK casino affiliate and we highly recommend them."

"PrimePartners is one of the best affiliate programs and its casino brands are converting a huge amount of players. They are always eager to help us get the best results."

"Prime Gaming is a strong partner for us at Casino Experts and has been since day one. We hope to maintain the good relationship and cooperation for years to come. Our account manager, Aviv Brin has always been there for any request we had, and always managed to help us in whatever it was that we needed"

"We have a strong cooperation with Primepartners, and we hope to remain such strong cooperation in many more years to come!"

"We have been cooperating with Primepartners through a while now and do only have positive words left to say! Highly recommended!"

"We have worked with PrimePartners for many years and have always been paid on time. We have a good relationship with the Danish affiliate manager. "

"We have been working together with Prime Partners since 2012, and have been satisfied about the cooperation. Managers are good to help you with exclusive promotion material, and if you have any problems with your account. We can recommend Prime Partners for new affiliates. "